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Replacement Xbox DVD Drive - Thompson Reviews

Malcolm Wright526 April 2006
Ordered replacement drive on Monday
morning, drive delivered on Tuesday. Fitted without problems. Xbox now working ok. Very good service from
" Dark Planets"
Steve Thomas507 March 2006
A replacement for my duff Samsung drive. This was easy to install and has solved all the disc error problems.

Excellent delivery service, ordered Monday, deliveredTuesday.

GothicTwist507 February 2006
As my launch day Xbox is getting on in years and was beginning to struggle to read discs (with the 360 out I was loath to spend out on a new one) drastic surgery was required or so I thought.
quick and easy to install the replacement drive cured the problem and now not a single game I own has problems running

highly recommended but if your unsure about dismantling the box there are plenty of guides out there on the web for you to follow.
rich501 February 2006
The thompson replacement dvd drive has totally changed the proformance of my xbox!!! Fed up with the dirty disc message half way through a game I decided to buy a new dvd drive and im glad I did!! It has given my old xbox a new lease of life!! I fitted it within 30mins!! It was that easy!! If u are having the same problems order one today.
Luke Carter129 November 2005
My xbox dvd drive died so I bought this drive and it arrived the next working day (ordered it at the weekend). Installed it on my lunch break with no problems. Needs a Torx 20 screwdriver to open the xbox. Can play my xbox again :). Very Happy indeed.
holla520 August 2005
New replacement disk drive was like buying a new x box it now plays almost anything no problem
NB516 August 2005
Item arrived quickly, and was in full working order. Excellent service, will use again.
Stee516 August 2005
Shire brilliance, xbox wasn't reading any discs until i bought my new dvd-drive from you and now it's working like a dream, great price and fast delivery!!
darren nye516 August 2005
The DVD player arrived quickly and was well packed, it was a pity the Xbox bezal thing on the front of the drive didn't come with the kit but I managed to get it off after a while. It was installed fine and worked a lot better than the old one that was in there but it was not as good as the original DVD drive which came with the system…
Jacob Stockstill517 May 2005
As soon as I plugged the new DVD ROM DRIVE into my XBOX it worked. I'm used to getting bad parts from the U.K. but for the first time it actually did'nt require me to send a part back to fix my game console!
Thank you guys, your awsome.
paul516 May 2005
grat product really enjoyed the way it made me feel when i stroked it. great little cat and makes toast
philippe511 May 2005
this dvd replacemet is great. don't need to be a pros just open your Xbox and slip it in. the best part is the price if you look on other site you buy near to 100 dollars.
only one thing to do if you have a probleme or no just buy one in case it is worth it.
bob512 April 2005
excellent, my out out action xbox is now back to its former glory, no more dirty disc messages, the service was also great, I received my dvd drive the day after I paid, what more can I say but thanks dark planets, you have done more than you could possibly know.
bart506 April 2005
this drive is the best you can get...
I've got the three different drives, and this is the only one that really does the thing it has to do.
I also helped friends out and they were also very happy that they could play there games and dvd's
Kev Wright501 March 2005
Nothing more frustrating than getting to the Penalty Shootout in the World Cup, and up it pops "Your Disk Maybe Dirty or Damaged".
Well this little beauty is the answer.
My Xbox is a few years old, and is loaded with all my favorite game saves, so a whole new box wasn't an option.
Fitted in less than half an hour, a few screws and away you go. It's made all the difference. No freezing games, no jumping disks. Just like new.
An excellent repair option that resurrects a doomed old Xbox!
steve ellington504 February 2005
Well packaged, fast service completely cured the problem - Well done!
steve ellington504 February 2005
Well packaged, fast service completely cured the problem - Well done
Nguyen (Win) Tran308 September 2004
My gosh, if there was a drive that was a God with the power to read all media on the XBOX, then this drive is not him. The Thompson DVD drive for the XBOX was the first to be produced for the XBOX so it lacked the language capabilities of the later drives that were released. However, it is a cheap drive that supports good quality discs, and if you're like me you would buy good quality discs anyway! What do I say? Good cheap replacement drive if you use quality backup discs i.e. Bulkpaq

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