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Logitech Driving Force Pro Steering Wheel (PS2 - PS3)

Darkplanets/PS2/PS2 Steering Wheels
Manufacturer: Logitech
Part Num: 941-000027
RRP: 89.99
Our Price: 64.95 inc vat

You Save: 25.04 (28%)
Reviews: 47 customer reviews / write review
Availability: Temporarily out of stock - Will be dispatched when new stock arrives

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NEWS ALERT!!  Please note the Driving Force Pro have been replaced by the Logitech Driving Force GT

Now thanks to the Web's favourite steering wheel, you can can experience GT4 and other racing games the way they were designed to be played - there's no longer any need to go to the arcades to get the best motor racing experience.

Logitech lead the way in the racing genre….. already widely known for their quality and out of this world products, the designers at Logitech have once again surpassed all competition in manufacturing the finest steering wheel for the GT experience; THE DRIVING FORCE PRO

Don’t assume with the number of wheels on the market that they are all the same. The Logitech Driving Force Pro is definitely the best force feedback wheel available because of its sleek looks and excellent feel coupled with its precise control. Every piece of the unit has been crafted from quality materials. The unit even comes with two built-in clamps so you can mount the wheel on a desktop or table.

The Driving Force Pro enables you to steer with pinpoint accuracy and secure your high score!!

The Logitech Driving Force Pro is the most realistic driving experience available for playstation games in 2006 by providing technology that has yet to be duplicated in a videogame driving wheel peripheral: 900 wheel rotation. In driving terms that means a steering experience yet to be beaten. It’s the best 900 wheel rotation around and we at Darkplanets think it’s so good we’ve invested in a large stock of these wheels that are ready to ship out to you today!!  What’s so exciting about this steering wheel is that it duplicates the real-life steering dynamics of race cars with responsive gas brake pedals. As a result, this translates to a hyper-realistic driving experience with your games. The Logitech Driving Force Pro - PS2 Driving in 2006 has never been better...

This Steering Wheel by Logitech for the PS2/PS3 is arguably the finest example of performance offering the most authentic driving experience for games with force feedback technology such as Gran Turismo that makes you feel the crashes, bumps, and recoils of your videogame driving….. The Driving Force Pro is a lustrous, polished piece of hardware that can simulate Formula-style racing. The wheel is a great to drive 10 inches, and an aluminum hub provides a realistic finish. The wheel itself is moulded to look hot, but feels comfortable as well. Surrounding the hub are the controller buttons. Even hotter are the fabulous gas brake pedals, designed for you to stop on a pin head…if you can!!

Last but not least it would be wrong not to mention the Driving Force Pro’s sequential stick shifter that can shift effortlessly with a subtle click and has a beefy and perfectly comfortable grip, a nice touch inspired by no less than the Italian performance cars. The gas and brake system is quality stuff too. They feel incredibly good in practice, and seem properly weighted to withstand a good deal of pressure; fully depressing the pedals won’t move the board. Plus with Logitech's attention to detail, carpet grips help prevent those annoying slips when in full thrust.

The force feedback during playstation gameplay really comes into its own. It perfoms magnificently, it will fight you in high-speed turns and increases the resistance at higher speeds. When you inevitably crash, brace yourself for the impact and grimace when you violently lose control of the vehicle. Feel every subtle vibration on varying road surfaces and in rally games experience the thrill of surpassing the best!! The sequential stick shifter and paddles are a real pleasure to use and you won't be disappointed with their performance...ever!!

PLEASE NOTE:  To get the best va va voom out of your brand new purchase, try using;

The fantastic PS2 Game Gran Turismo 4 - Real Driving Simulator and the;

We have the very newest stock, revision B

We welcome your feedback wheel review;
Only the best need apply……

Logitech Driving Force Pro Steering Wheel (PS2 - PS3) - Features:
  • With 900 degrees of wheel rotation and a rack and pinion steering system, the Driving Force Pro duplicates the true-to-life steering dynamics of race cars

  • The rubber wheel, sequential stick shifter and responsive gas and brake pedals all combine for an incredible level of performance

  • Step up to the Logitech Driving Force Pro and experience more realism, more intensity and more fun than ever before on your PlayStation 2 and PS3 entertainment system

  • Add in today's best force feedback technology and you have the most advanced, most authentic driving experience in console gaming
  • PS2/PS3 Logitech Driving Force Pro is comfortable, the full rubber wheel realistically turns 2½ times lock-to-lock

  • Automatically switches to 200 degree steering compatibility mode to work with other racing games

  • State-of-the-art force feedback technology lets you feel all the action

  • Textured floorboard features responsive accelerator and brake pedals plus an exclusive non-slip carpet grip system sequential stick shifter, wheel-mounted paddle shifters and a full set of PlayStation buttons give you all the control you'll ever need!


What's In The Box:

1 x Logitech Driving Force Pro Steering Wheel
1 x Logitech Pedal set

ScreenShots - Click to enlarge

Logitech Driving Force Pro Steering Wheel (PS2 - PS3) screenshot 1 - click to enlarge Logitech Driving Force Pro Steering Wheel (PS2 - PS3) screenshot 2 - click to enlarge Logitech Driving Force Pro Steering Wheel (PS2 - PS3) screenshot 3 - click to enlarge Logitech Driving Force Pro Steering Wheel (PS2 - PS3) screenshot 4 - click to enlarge 
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