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Ninety Nine Nights (N3) (XBOX 360)

Darkplanets/XBox 360/Xbox 360 Games
Manufacturer: Microsoft
RRP: 44.99
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Stock Due: 25/08/2006

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From the collaboration between famed game developer Tetsuya Mizuguchi of Q Entertainment and director Sang Youn Lee of leading Korean developer Phantagram comes the Xbox 360-exclusive Ninety-Nine Nights. The title is a fantasy action game for Xbox 360 that allows players to experience an immersive and emotional story though the eyes of good and evil while they fight among hundreds of fellow soldiers through an epic adventure of fantasy and action.

In a struggle between light and dark, a new world order is established after the destruction of the mysterious power stone. Warriors are destined to battle in a place far beyond their imagination, as a magnificent story unfolds from multiple perspectives.

Ninety Nine Nights (N3) (XBOX 360) - Features:

Unparalleled action and gameplay - In Ninety-Nine Nights, players destroy entire armies with precision and speed unlike that offered in any other game. Each playable character will feature his or her own strengths and weaknesses as players attempt to choose the right combination of magic and might to overcome their adversaries. With more than 100 weapons to master and the art of several forms of magic, players enhance their attacks and become true deadly forces amid stunning next-generation effects.

Massive immersive battles - With hundreds of combatants on-screen at once, players wield their armies with precision and skill in massive-scale battles against ever-evolving virtual opponents. Each on-screen virtual character is a threat as opponents with unmatched AI will react and attack of their own volition, testing the skills and fortitude of even the best gamers. Ever-changing weather, terrain and structures contribute to the dynamic battles as well, leading to unique and surprising changes in gameplay.

Compelling and engaging storyline - In Ninety-Nine Nights, players must decide upon their path and choose the side of either good or evil in the struggle for the Stone of Union. In the epic and emotional campaign, gamers play through a fabulous fantasy realm with unparalleled depth. Each character has his or her dedicated plotline that ultimately intertwines with that of a larger story. Players can experience seven views of the story through the eyes of each character they choose to play.

What's In The Box:

1 x Ninety-Nine Nights game disc for XBOX 360
1 x User Manual

Console Region: Game to be used in PAL region consoles only.

ScreenShots - Click to enlarge

Ninety Nine Nights (N3) (XBOX 360) screenshot 1 - click to enlarge Ninety Nine Nights (N3) (XBOX 360) screenshot 2 - click to enlarge 
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