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Prey (XBOX 360)

Darkplanets/XBox 360/Xbox 360 Games
Manufacturer: TAKE 2
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The most original and technically advanced first person shoot ‘em-up created in years.

Decide for yourself!  Create incredible portals as you battle grotesque enemy bosses in one area and jump back to another to recover.

The game casts you as a Cherokee Indian with a number of magical powers such as spirit walking that let you explore the game world as a spirit, and deathwalk which replaces the normal need for intrusive quick saves with an innovative mini-game set between the worlds of the living and the dead.  These portals change everything. You can experience for the first time the reality bending effects of a portal world.

The use of gravity is equally inspired with gravity escalators that run up and across ceilings and some excellent zero gravity sections where you pilot spaceship pods and explore a tiny rotating planetoid.   Imagine a place where gravity isn't always down! Where it can be controlled, twisted, flipped, and even wrap around small planetoids!!!

Featuring living weapons, a faithful sidekick, vehicles, giant environments, jaw-dropping memorable moments, a story of redemption and destiny, and a 3-hour epic soundtrack by Jeremy Soule (Oblivion, Guild Wars). The FPS of the year is in your hands.

Multiple Gameplay Innovations from the developer that brought you Bullet Time, including Deathwalk (dying is no longer annoying... it's fun!) & Spiritwalk (leave your body to explore, ambush, and solve mind blowing puzzles).

Prey (XBOX 360) - Features:
  • Built on an enhanced Doom 3 engine, the most impressive 3D engine used in a released game
  • Portal technology adds a new dimension to gameplay, allowing enemies to appear out of thin air and create new and completely original puzzles and gameplay styles
  • Several never-before-seen gameplay elements such as Spirit Walking, Wall Walking, and Deathwalk
  • A deep, emotional story of love and sacrifice
  • Tommy has a sidekick, a spiritual hawk that can help him fight enemies and decipher the alien language of the living ship
  • Multiplayer game support that takes advantage of the unique gameplay styles in Prey
  • Features an 8 player multiplayer mode